Posted: October 13th, 2021

Week 4 complete | Business & Finance homework help

Week 4 Compete

Complete: a minimum of 1,000 words (total assignment) and three scholarly sources.

Book :

Melicher, Ronald W., and Edgar A. Norton Introduction to Finance: Markets, Investments, and Financial Management, Enhanced eText. Wiley Global Education US, 2016. [Savant Learning Systems].

  1. Why are bond returns expected to be lower than stock returns?
  2. Go to the website and enter the ticker symbols for Ford (F), Google (GOOG), and WalMart (WMT). What are their current values of (a) stock price; (b) annual dividend; (c) dividend yield; and (d) price / earnings ratio?
  3. You are an entry-level security analyst at an investment firm. The firm’s economist is forecasting higher energy prices. How might this affect your decision to recommend the buying of stocks in each of the following firms? Explain your reasoning.

a)    ExxonMobil

b)    American Airlines

c)    Ford Motor Company

d)    Archer Daniels Midland (a food processor)

  1. Would primary markets exist without the existence of secondary markets? Why or why not?
  2. Merrill Lynch ( is a full service broker. Charles Schwab ( is a discount broker. E*Trade ( is an online  broker. Visit their websites and compare and contrast their services. 

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