Posted: October 13th, 2021

Imc plan part 3 | Marketing homework help


Based on your faculty member’s feedback, create an Executive Summary, complete Table of Contents, Bibliography, and title slide and proceed with the following topics:

  •   Promotion mix tools (list and discuss how they will support marketing communications objectives identified in part 1 -topic 10) above
  • Promotion budget (general discussion on most appropriate budget method to use, the overall $ amount and an approximation of the percent of budget for each promotion mix tools and other costs).  Remember to allocate a budget for market research, public relations, personal sales and sales promotion costs.
  • Promotion mix strategy (push versus pull or combination, integrated use of personal/non-personal communications) & your rationale.
  • Promotion mix tools (advertising objectives, message and media strategies and plan). PR objectives and tools, personal sales objectives and strategy. direct marketing, e-active and online objectives and strategy)
  •  Methods to evaluate the overall plan results and the timing you want each evaluation tool used.
  •  Bibliography for whole plan
  •   Exhibits (logo, disclaimer copy, etc.)

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