Posted: October 12th, 2021

Special education law help | Political Science homework help


I’ve attached the case study, power points from the first 6 chapters (will attach others in the coming weeks) the rubric, work sample of what it should look like, and the instructions are listed below.


Each chapter must be written APA form, 12 font, Times New Roman. 

1.5 pages for each of the 14 chapters totaling 21 pages. 

The main refence is The Law and Special Education, 5th Edition, Pearson Publishing (2012) but you may use up to 2 additional if necessary.

Yell, M. L. (2012). The Law and Special Education. Pearson.


Key Assessment– EDU-3340-Final Project: Special Ed Law Case Study; A Comprehensive Study of Special Education Law Using Writing a Journal Focusing on a Special Education Student and Their Family. (70 points) (Rubrics points/grading scale will be provided).

* A Comprehensive Study of Special Education Law includes all of the topics included in the textbook chapters enhanced by an understanding of the Ten Step Special Education Process. Discussing the issues encountered by a Special Education Student for each of these topics in a journal format will serve as the focus for the key assessment for this course. 

* All topics are included in the chapters of the textbook.

** The Ten Step Special Education Process is as follows: 

Step 1. The child is identified as possibly needing special education and related services; Child Find, Referral, or request for evaluation. 

Step 2. The child is evaluated.

Step 3. Eligibility is decided. 

Step 4. The child is found eligible for services. 

Step 5. IEP meeting is scheduled. 

Step 6. IEP meeting is held, and the IEP is written. 

Step 7. After the IEP is written, services are provided. 

Step 8. Progress is measured and reported to parents. 

Step 9. IEP is reviewed. 

Step 10. The child is reevaluated.

* A Case Study Special Education Student will be created by each candidate and used to address all the topics in the chapters from the textbook. In order to create this fictional yet credible student, the following components must be included; 

  • student’s fictitious name
  • age
  • family composition
  • information about the student’s disability, such as its name
  • definition of the disability
  • history of the disability
  • cause or theories about its cause
  • description of its prevalence and characteristics
  • how it is diagnosed and assessed, and what types of educational interventions
  • modifications and accommodations service and support, which are usually used to assist the student with this disability
  • Are Assistive Technologies necessary for this student’s success in school? 
  • What is the family’s impact on this Special Education student’s success, and what is the impact of this student on the functioning of the family? 

***Add this information to the beginning of your paper as an introduction, after your title page.

* In the form of a Journal with an entry of 1.5 – 2 pages at least for each of the **topics located in the textbook (Chapter titles are the topics for this project) which will equal to a minimum of 21 pages for 14 chapters, discuss how the Rights and Privileges of this Special Education student and their family are protected by the aspects of Special Education Law that are described in that chapter. Tell the story of how that chapter affected that child’s life, what their life might be like without that part of the Special Education Law. Identify the ethical issue and show its relationship to the case. It would be best if you were the narrator when writing about the child/student. 

* Create your Case Study “child/student” on the first day of class. Throughout the chapter readings in each module, as the book proceeds, read the chapter and then write 2-3 pages of a Journal Entry for each of the chapters discussed in each module. Work on this Key Assessment every week to make the process easier and smoother, guaranteeing quality work. 

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