Posted: October 12th, 2021

Research paper on a topic covered in class


You have several options for the direction of your final project. Examples are provided below. The reason for giving you the option of the kind of project you want to complete is to best fit your needs and situation. You will need to submit your topic with a brief description to the instructor for approval prior to starting the project.

  • Research paper on a topic covered in class
  • Book review of an approved text on a topic covered in class (Example guidelines)
  • Regardless of the route you select, the final paper should be 2100 words in length. The paper must also integrate the topics you have learned in class, including citations to course materials (books, articles, videos, etc.). A minimum of five resources must be cited. Papers should conform to the following:
    • 1″ margins
    • 12 point font
    • Double spaced

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