Posted: October 12th, 2021

Consulting | Operations Management homework help



1. There are advantages and disadvantages to being an internal and external consultant. Many of these are listed in our chapters this week. Can you think of others? Based on your reading of the roles of an internal and external OD practitioner, which role do you think is easier? More rewarding? Which role do you think you would prefer?  

Examine this question through the eyes of this article, written April 2020:

“There’s no shortage of predictions about the way organizational life will change after COVID-19. Whether some of you will continue to enjoy (or endure) working from home is anyone’s guess. What is clear from a management perspective is that coronavirus is a blistering indictment of bureaucratic thinking and design. Rigidly structured, risk-averse, and approval-laden organizations are collapsing under their own weight.” (continue to read via link below)

In addition to using this above article as a reference, find one peer-reviewed article to cite and cite our text in your response. (total of minimum 3 references).

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