Posted: October 12th, 2021

1.dilemma introduction and discussion regarding why this is a dilemma


Read this scenario:

“Imagine that” – You are the CEO of a 100-bed locally owned community hospital. The CFO proposes, that as a cost-saving measure, you close the Hospital’s Emergency Department from 10:00pm until 6:00am. The CFO explains that the hospital is in danger of “losing a lot of money if you do not find ways to control costs.” These losses could mean that the facility would be forced to close. The Emergency Department is very expensive to operate on a 24/7 basis. However, a significant percentage of your hospital admissions come through the ER. The CFO has also done a study on the “volume” of patients that use the ER between those hours and it is very small compared to the hours that you will keep the ER open. People in the community will not be left without access to Emergency medical services when the ER is closed as there is an Emergency Department at the County Hospital which is only 50 minutes away.


Present the scenario and discuss why it is an ethical dilemma. Apply an ethical decision-making model to the dilemma. Be sure to include your decision after applying the ethical decision-making model which at a minimum requires discussion of the following elements:

1.Dilemma introduction and discussion regarding why this is a dilemma (right versus right with the ethical principles in conflict)

2.Stakeholder identification and perspectives

3.Options for resolution (including discussion of the ethical basis for each option)

4.Option selected with rationale

5.Plan for implementation and consideration of evaluation methods

6.Discussion of the potential impact of moral distress on decision-makers

The paper must be submitted in APA format (see template posted in the course assignment area) and must be written in third person. Paper length 1400 words. A minimum of five valid resources cited and referenced in APA format is required.

Template is attached to this and is how she would like it to be written.

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