Posted: October 11th, 2021

Prompt 1 | Sociology homework help

Prompt 1: Explain the concept of “explanatory models.” Then, articulate Garro’s (1995) main argument about explanatory models for Type II Diabetes in the Ashinaabe community she studied. Based on Garro’s conclusions, how might we see the Ashinaabe as experiencing social suffering? (In order to answer this, you will want to make sure to explain what “social suffering” is.) Finally, discuss whether you think that Kleinman and Hanna’s (2008) notion of bringing “caregiving” back into biomedicine could serve as an appropriate response to Garro’s call for “health professionals to broaden the message of individual responsibility to recognize societal responsibility and to work towards solutions that incorporate such factors” (1995: 45).

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Papers must: – Be 800 – 1000 words (including the works cited section- we will be strict!) – Not use any outside sources – Cite at least two articles that we have read in this class – Be typed – Be submitted in Word or PDF format – Include your name on the document itself

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