Posted: October 11th, 2021

Policy letter: medicaid expansion should cover substance abuse | Health Policy and Advocacy | East Carolina University


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  • AMA citation required
  • Appropriate resources, research data, and references to support your position.
  • Opinions of at least two stakeholders that are involved in the issue or problem. To obtain opinions, identify at least two healthcare or community organizations and interview staff and/or clients of those organizations who support your position.
  • A compelling policy position based on your research and stakeholder input.

 The format of the policy memo or letter should be as follows:

  • State the policy issue and your “ask” or recommendation in the first paragraph.
  • Describe the issue or problem including its significance and scope.
  • Clearly address target audience
  • Discuss factors contributing to the issue or problem per research/data.
  • Discuss information obtained from stakeholders.
  • Make recommendations about the issue.
  • Acknowledge one or more counter-arguments against your position.
  • State your rebuttal to those arguments.
  • Summarize your recommendation or “ask” in the last paragraph.

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