Cause and Effect Essay

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  • Chose a topic related to COVID-19
  • Next, you must make a detailed outline.
  • Then, write a 500-750 words essay.  Don’t forget to include transitional expressions. 
  • You must have a proper heading.  Your font should be New Roman, size 12.  You need to double-space have a title and a word-count
  • Your title should be catchy.
  • Your introduction should follow the HIT method including an attention grabber (Hook), background information (Information), and a clear thesis statement (Thesis).
  • Your conclusion should follow the reverse HIT method including a clear restated thesis statement, a summary, and a punchline, something for us to think about (Club).
  • In addition, for this essay, you need to make your thesis statement and restatement a different color (e.g.: green), your paragraphs’ topic sentences another color (e.g.: purple), and your hook and club another color (e.g.: orange).
  • Once you are satisfied with your essay, take it to the ASC to get help.
  • Write your second draft, label each page, and submit everything (plan, 1st. draft, revised draft, and proof of ASC) in one big document to Canvas.