Posted: June 11th, 2021

Sxs paper | Article writing homework help

Critical Analysis Paper: You will write a 5-6-page paper on an individually-selected topic. One of our forums will explore your paper ideas. You can choose any topic relating to sex, power, and politics. For example, some possible topics include sex and disability, political scandals, gender in advertisements, etc. To successfully write the paper, you need to consult library sources and find academic articles on your topic (i.e.: find readings not covered in class). You should use PRIMARY academic resources (not newspapers or magazines or webpages) such as original research from academic sources (usually journal articles from peer-reviewed journals or academic books). Please see below for the article “Determine if your Source is Scholarly.” Your paper is due on April 25, by 11:59 pm on iLearn. (Please see the section for April 19 for the TurnItIn assignment link.) Please read the following carefully:

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  • Your papers should contain academic resources, including in-text citations and a reference list/bibliography
    • Your OWN original topic and argument, including a clear thesis statement.
    • Papers you wrote in other classes are not eligible for credit in this class
    • Have a similarity rate of under 10% (not including references or quotes)
    • You cannot use a paper you used for another class — you cannot get credit for one paper in two classes
    • Your citations and reference list should be in APA format (abstracts are optional)
    • At least 5 sources outside of class readings (we highly recommend using Zotero)
    • Your references can include readings from class but must also include at least 5 outside academic references
    • Be double-spaced with one-inch margins and have a title page
    • For help with formatting:

Your papers are due on iLearn’s Turn-It-In feature– papers with a high percentage of similarity will not be given credit — please check the report on Turnitin and fix as needed before the due date. Even if you have a high similarity to a paper you wrote, you must be below 10% similarity (no exceptions).

  • Link for “Critical Analysis Paper” located at the bottom of the week with the deadline, no papers will be accepted by email, any paper submitted by email will not be graded.
  • The biggest loss of points is caused by not using academic resources
  • Abstract is optional
  • You must list your references and they do not count towards the final page count 
  • Also, proofread, proofread, proofread!

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