Posted: June 10th, 2021

Sociology discussion homework 3 | Sociology homework help

 (read the discussion check board!!!) 550-650 words minimum and reply to two of my clasess mates with atleast 6 sentenses with good grammer

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To understand peoples’ behavior, sociologists look at their social location in society.

Identify the corners in life that YOU occupy. Describe social locations such as your job/s, income, education, gender, age, and race-ethnicity.

Explain how each of these elements influences your self-concept and behavior.

Select two or three elements to change (for example, gender and race-ethnicity) and describe what differences may exist in your self-concept and behavior if they occupied this social location.

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repond no.1


Social location indicates the life that individuals live due to the position they hold in society. The impact of social location could be either positive or negative, but sometimes it could lead to a neutral status. Currently, my life is of a college student, and I have no permanent job. However, I have a small business that generates a small amount of income which I rely on. Throughout my education, life has been good. The education offered an opportunity to interact with other students, mainly in the classroom. I believe the interactions I have experienced throughout my education life have significantly affected my development, especially gender roles. Besides, various challenges present themselves to an individual because of their gender. For instance, the gender gap that hinders women from participating in various activities. As a youth, various forces in society affect existence. For example, the technology that I use every day has greatly influenced my thinking and behavior. 

Engaging in activities that generate income influences how I see myself. Income improves my self-esteem, which in turn boosts my confidence in the activities I perform. Also, income affects my behaviors, especially my eating behavior. I can choose to restrict my eating behavior because I can afford the cost of getting healthy food. Education significantly influences how I organize my life by choosing what to do. Also, it ensures that I change my behavior according to the environment to accurately interpret incoming stimuli. Additionally, education enables me to create a sense of living an organized life and provide knowledge that enhances self-discipline. Age significantly influences how individuals see themselves and also their behaviors. In my case, being a youth has greatly affected how I express myself and interact with other people. Age influences the nature of decisions I make in my life. The decisions help shape my behavior because they make me realize what is right and how I should respond to various stimuli in the environment. Another aspect that significantly affects how I view myself of my ethnic group. My cultural identity affects how I interact with people, and it also ensures the development of self-esteem. As an American, there are various activities that people around me engage in that shape my behavior. For instance, most people in America love going out to eat. In this regard, I adopt the same behavior where instead of cooking food, I go out to eat.

If I were to change my gender and age, they would significantly affect my behavior and self-concept in the social location. Being a woman, society expects different duties. Society views women from the perspective that most of their work should involve domestic activity, which significantly influences their position as a woman.  A change in age would greatly affect how I evaluate my choices, bringing a difference in how I see myself. For instance, if I were a 40-year old, I would have an increased sense of power, wealth, and respect, which is different from how I perceive myself now. Additionally, I will tend to behave more maturely because I would have had enough experience on how to respond to different stimuli in the environment.

respond no.2


I have had the opportunity to take on an internship at a local aquarium during the summer of my junior year in high school. I was not paid however I was granted community service hours as well as wreaking the benefits of accumulating a vast amount of knowledge in the field of aqua biology, oceanography, and topography. Through the means of understanding such concepts, I am able to build upon my conception of such aforementioned fields of study thereby increasing my interest and motivation in learning. During these times applying myself is made all the more difficult, although finding the necessary amount of self-confidence/self-control can be achieved through further exposure. I have always seen myself as a scientific person, although I never knew how much efficacy I had in the respects of utilizing scientific methods and observation. Aside from discussing yearly income, I primarily focus on helping others and by understanding my working environment at the aquarium. I am still a part of the internship program today since I had acquainted myself with many of the staff works. Following as a person who has social anxiety, I have reached the level of vulnerability in which I am now able to feel comfortable around such noted individuals. Being able to keep my composure around strangers has also significantly improved.

                                       I attended school at both Malibu high and middle school. Aside from going into detail in describing my high school and middle school career, I will break down my experiences at Our Lady of Malibu–my elementary school. For years I had suppressed my emotions on accounts of being true to myself. In which I would never reach out to both my parents and my teachers as I suffered from mental illness without explicitly describing the details. As such the anxiety that I experienced then still haunts me till this day, due to the level of repression. Although my mother is a licensed psychologist, she never knew the level of stress that I endured in the past. I am a male assigned individual. I have recently turned 19 years of age on April the 14th. I am (caucasian/white) in which most of my family members live in Germany. I know how to speak the language due to the fact that I would always speak to my mother in German. Understanding different cultures are important as it allows me to experience the world in a different form and fashion. All the more, all of the noted aspects that I have described above describe the essence of who I am and how I observe the outside world.

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