Posted: June 10th, 2021

Multimodal project | Article writing homework help


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In addition to writing your Researched Argument paper, based on the topic you chose for Literature Review, you will also repurpose it for a non-academic audience by completing a multimodal project. Unlike your research project, which relies heavily on text as its primary mode, as the term multimodal implies, you will use multiple modes of communication to reach your intended audience.

You will submit a short proposal in the Week 14 Discussion detailing how you plan to approach this project and what methods of communication you will utilize. Here are some guidelines for what I will be looking for: the project must be polished, substantial, engaging, and thoughtful, must use at least two modes of communication, and must make sense given your intended audience.

 Five Modes of CommunicationVisual – typeface, lines, shapes, background, color, transitions, quality of images, visual  coherence, repetition, contrast

Audio – intonation of spoken words, sound effects, ambient noise, music, volume, silence,  transitions from different audio clips

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Gestural – facial expressions, gestures, body language

Spatial – line spacing, navigation, transitions, size of page, size of photos, proximity of photos and other elements to each other, line length, visual salience, white space, visual organization, alignment

Linguistic – written text or spoken words/narration, word choice, delivery, organization of ideas 


Here are some possible ideas for creating your multimodal project:

Podcast–Interview people whom your audience would find credible, reliable, and knowledgeable about the issue for a podcast or simple recreate your argument and evidence using the podcast medium (if you create a podcast, you will also need to create a “script” that includes images and text.

Photo Essay–Create a photo essay on the issue (you must take your own photos). If you choose this option, you can also put them into Adobe Spark Glide and add words and sound, which could include narration or music, or both. 

Video–(Use Adobe Video, Youtube, your smart phone, or any other video software that your can share without a requirement to ‘create an account’). Create a short video (3-5 min.) on the issue that moves beyond simply stating what the problem is, but uses graphics, clips, images, voice over, interview, on-site clips, text, etc. 

Adobe or WordPress or another webpage software–Create a site or utilize social media with multiple pages that includes text, videos, images, graphs, etc.

Adobe Spark Glideshow–Another Adobe product that allows you to add images, videos, text, etc. see:How to make a GlideShow page on Adobe Spark  (Links to an external site.)
Minimize VideoYou have free access to the entire Adobe Suite as a U student and you can utilize it to create an ad or PSA with strong visual features.

Write/Illustrate a short story: This can be a narrative or a collection of poetry. Potential drawings must demonstrate quality in terms of visual appeal, i.e. there are words, color, is in book format–in Microsoft Word or Adobe’s InDesign you can also create a booklet spread that mimics a book.

A Poster: Create a poster about your topic and argument, utilizing textual and visual elements. You can also utilize Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign or construct it by hand.

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