Posted: June 9th, 2021

Starting the class, i thought about my limits


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Starting the class, I thought about my limits. My limits about the way I speak, talk, write and understand English language. Thinking about it made my feel so stressful and scare because the first tool for a Counseling in Mental Health Counseling is the way we communicate with other. Traying to continuing my education in master level I tried to manage my depression and anxiety using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT since last year and this semester gave me the opportunity of using it during the T group as a leader of my T-group and got more information on my research about it for the presentation before it. I consider very important got accurate information for the class during the presentation about how to work with minorities as Latino community because is important be aware about the differences the different communities have, specially in our country were we can find many different cultures and a part of respect of those cultures and different ways to thing is learn about how we can assist in a better way to those communities. I think I tried to work hard giving truthful and accurate information during my presentation using CBT. During my time leader the T-group I tried to prepare myself in how to do it, learning about different ways of relaxation and when is the best time to use it. I tried to leader of group directing it on change the way we think, changing our negative thing about what we think about ourselves as future counselors. I really tried to do my best but I could not to do it in the way I want it because my fears, specially for the language, because all the time I was thinking “What if I cant understand” I fight really hard to do not thing the way but it is hard to do not do it. I still work on it and I hope one day I can manage it and I hope it will be soon.  

Talking about my participation has a member of therapy group, I felt scare in different opportunities during those sessions, all this because my scare when I need or have to speak English. This journal was hard for me to confront my feelings even during the T groups because  I was feeling nervous about my understanding during the dynamics and what could happen if I couldn’t express my feelings and getting stuck if I don’t understand a question and those are one of my biggest fears that I’ve had ever since I started my master classes. When I started these classes I was always unsure of continuing them because of my anxiety and wondering if people could understand me and the way I speak another topic that increases those feelings is the situation outside of school with the process of  my divorce with my husband. The counselling therapy that we went to help my family and me specially to confront all these fears, changing the way I think and turning it into a positive. I find myself in more negative situations in my life and making it into a positive because I always find problems but it doesn’t mean I have to continue feeling sad, anxious, and defeated  and taking it as a lesson and making me stronger using CBT during my life and that can influence others on the way they think every day from being in a negative situation and making it into a positive, and I hope that also influences all of my children. I use every T group to work on all of my negatives, and fears to continue growing and working as a better person and to continue working to be a professional. I am thankful for every T group and all of my classmates because each one of them helped me not to quit and continue this journey. I felt very influenced and inspired on all of their life stories that it helped me continue with school. The experiences they’ve told me about helped me not feel alone because everyone had very different situations and same disorders such as anxiety and depression. I think if they all can go thew those type of situations I can do the same.  They were such a great support group for a person like me, they were always so hardworking it would influence me to work harder and help others such as participating during these dynamics. They helped to put my fears aside and helped me participate and facilitated me talk about my own problems. These groups helped me perceived the other members of the group imperfect humans like me with problems because sometimes I think people don’t have problems or can be perfect even the I know nobody’s perfect but my irrationals ideas were very strong about perfection but I’m working on normalizing it in the T groups and that’s helped me better my ideas. All those groups gave me extraordinary contribution to try to be a better person working on my own difficulties and become an effective counselor and I hope in the future I will be a great group leader with an adequate counseling skills and I think I will make it by making my own development as a future counselor. Theoretical aspect of thus career is really important because the counselor can not have enough tools to help the future patients and address adequate and different aspects during the counselling work. Without it the professional in counselling will not be the adequate support for the patient because the counselor will not know how to make the framework to assist or give the adequate support to the patient.

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