Posted: June 2nd, 2021

Questions homework | Anatomy homework help


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1. Describe in your own words the anatomy of a muscle.  This should include from the muscle down to the myofibrils.

2. Explain in your own words how an action potential results in a muscle contraction.

3.  List and describe in your own words the characteristics of skeletal muscle (aka the abilities that a skeletal muscle has).

4. Muscle Tissue: Describe the appearance of the three types of muscle tissue.

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a. Skeletal muscle:

b. Cardiac muscle:

c. Smooth muscle:

5. Muscle Anatomy:  Put the structures in anatomical order from superficial to deep.





6. Muscle Identification:  Palpate or locate each of the following muscles and list its origin, insertion, and action.

a. Masseter

b. Upper, middle, and lower trapezius

c. Sternocleidomastoid

d. Temporalis

e. Occipitofrontalis

f. Erector spinae

g. Scalenes

h. External/internal intercostalis

i. Rectus abdominis

j. External/internal oblique

k. Transverse abdominis

l. Rhomboids

m. Serratus anterior

n. Pectoralis major and minor

o. Teres major and minor

p. Latissimius Dorsi

q. Infraspinatus

r. Suprasinatus

s. Subscapularis

t. Deltoid

u. Triceps brachii

v.  Biceps brachii

w. Brachialis

x. Brachioradialis

y. Wrist and finger flexors

z.  Wrist and finger extensors

aa.  Iliopsoas

bb. Tensor fasciae latae

cc. Gluteus maximus

dd. Gluteus medius

ee. Quadriceps

ff. Hamstrings

gg. Sartorius

hh. Adductor longus

ii. Gracilis

jj. Tibialis anterior

kk. Gastrocnemius

ll. Soleus

mm. Peroneals

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