Posted: May 19th, 2021

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Katie Berton (2016) Effective Gamification (2009) Piano stairs


Review the gamification content.

The university campus noticeably drops in attendance during the middle of the semester. The University wants to change behaviors and improve attendance with gamification.  Create one new game concept to change a problem/pain point on campus. 

Examples of pain points include parking, walking across campus, walking upstairs, buying food/beverage, recycling, meeting up with friends, meeting new people, student government participation, interest to remain on campus, etc.  Choose ONE example (or one not on this list) to game-ify.  The more creative and fun the better.  The university wants students happy, practicing positive behaviors.

1) What is the problem/pain point?  What is the behavior that is trying to be changed?

The problem/pain point is _________________.  The main issue with this problem/pain point is _________________________.   The behavior that is trying to be changed is ___________________________.

2) What is the game concept?  Describe in detail.  Elaborate and explain as if communicating to a team that will try to actualize the idea.  This idea should be new and not copy an existing idea.

3) What are the technical aspects that make the activity fun (e.g. sounds, points, rewards, similarities to other games, uniqueness, etc.)?

4) Imagine you are tweeting (Twitter) a pitch to the university to adopt your idea.  Please write your pitch with 280 characters.  Use a marketing slogan and key terms.  Be creative because you want others to share this idea so it becomes viral/widespread. 

This tweet is different from your responses for #1-3.  It should be catchy, brief, and shareable.  It would provide a link to the full plan for those looking for more details. 

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