Posted: May 19th, 2021

Managerment discussion forum | Management homework help



First, view the assigned videos related to Google (see links below). There is an additional video below this forum from McGraw Hill on Google – please watch:  


b) “GOOGLE HISTORY” (from Stanford E-Corner site) [

c) “Google Corporate Culture” [

d) A Typical Day at Google [


f) Watch this video on “Googles Dark Side” [

g) Read this article on the Huffington Post (there is also a short video embedded) “GOOGLE MISSES A LESSON IN WISDOM 101” []  

**After watching the videos, answer each of the questions posts** 

(150words response for each question.)


What is unique about the GOOGLE culture?


Will GOOGLE be able to sustain this type of culture?


What might be some aspects of the DARK SIDE of Google?


Why is GOOGLE training their employees in mindfulness? Is there also a dark side to mindfulness training?

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