Posted: May 19th, 2021

Homework assignment 5 – b2b marketing

1.  Describe an approach FedEx could use to demonstrate the value it provides to a small manufacturer of gourmet cooking supplies.

2.  A business marketing manager often has great difficulty in arriving at the optimum price level for a product. First, describe the factors that complicate the pricing decision. Second, outline the approach you would follow in pricing a product in the business from DELL corporation.

3. Although the bulk of the promotional budget of the business marketing firm is allocated to personal selling, advertising can play an important role in business marketing strategy. Explain what the marketing budget of the company DELL may look like and why? 

4.  Describe the role that online advertising might assume in the promotional mix of the business marketer. How can the business marketer use the web to form close relationships with customers? 

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