Posted: May 17th, 2021

Student learning outcomes – critical thinking

Student Learning Outcomes – Critical ThinkingAssignment:You are to read the attached article, “The Unintended Consequences of Raising the Minimum Wage to $15,” by Jack Kelly and then critically evaluate his argument(s).  You are to present your findings in accordance with the Rubric provided. Thus there will be five sections and they will each be graded according to the points established on the Rubric. Please use 11- or 12-point, sans serif font (Ariel is good). Line spacing should be 1.5 or 2.  Check your grammar, syntax, and spelling. Be very careful with your citations; they will be checked.When you have prepared your document, submit it on Canvas under ‘Assignments.’ Format must be either .doc or .docx. Present your findings in the following order:1)    Clearly state the issue and briefly describe the most important factors to be examined in this decision. Explain why you are focused on these particular factors – why do you think they are the most important things to consider? (~ ½ page)2)    Present your evidence supporting both sides of the issue and provide the citations (at least three for each side of the issue) necessary so that your reader can return to your source material to verify your findings.  (~ ½ – 1 page)3)    Identify the assumptions made in the arguments made on both sides of the issue – for example, why might someone argue that the demand for entry-level fast-food workers might not be affected by a higher required wage? Do you identify any biases in your evidence? ((~ ½  page)4)    Given all the above, what is your position on raising the minimum wage to $15 nationwide? Do not limit yourself to saying, ‘I support/don’t support this policy proposal.’ Rather, explain and defend your position, adding any caveats or other considerations to your answer. This is also a chance to be creative – do you have a proposal of your own that addresses some (or all) concerns of both sides? (~1/2 page)5)    Assuming you were asked about this proposal by a friend, how would you respond? Limit this response to about 4-5 short statements. (~1/2 page)You should consider the following factors, at a minimum, as you research and construct your paper:a)The effect of such a rise on overall unemployment in the US as well as unemployment in specific industries and among specific groups of American workers (to include immigrant labor, unskilled labor, and those with minimal educational levels);b)    The likely response among employers (include multiple industries and employers of different sizes) if they must implement such a policy;c)The psychological effect of such a policy on workers and employers;d)    The macro-economic effect of such a policy for the country at large as well as any micro-economic effects on particular industries;e)    Any other parameters you deem worthy of consideration (think broadly here, but focus on the most important impacts – e.g., the impact on high-school dropout rates; the impact on

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non-minimum wage jobs; the effect on prices in labor-intensive and non-labor-intensive industries. Be wide-ranging in your considerations, but focus on those that you view as most important. Explain why you chose these parameters as worthy of consideration

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