Posted: May 12th, 2021

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FINAL PROJECT RESOURCE LIST: JOUR 201 Video Links for 2019 Meeting Story Assignments 

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(See instructions below for troubleshooting access to balky links.) 

Please review these videos of public community government meetings, then select one of them to use as the basis for your final project for this class. You will not be able to change your video choice after your Story 1 assignment has been graded, so choose wisely! 

You will complete your final project in stages. Expect to re-edit your assignments after every stage, including after each stage is graded by your instructor. 

For the Story 1 assignment, you will write a news lead about what happened at your video’s meeting. Pay careful attention to the notes about each meeting’s video – they include suggestions about the most newsworthy item to write about! 

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For the Story 2 assignment, you will add to your news lead by writing the body of a news story about your video’s meeting. 

For Story 3, you will conduct an interview and write a news sidebar story on your own about something related to your video’s meeting that you think would make an interesting second story in your final project meeting story package. 

For the final step, you will put the stories together in a package that includes social media and online enhancements. 

You can find detailed instructions for each of these steps to creating your final project in the Content area of the classroom under Course Resources > Assignment Instructions. 

All final project options will require students to assess the meeting video’s content critically and to complete independent research to add background information and online and social media enhancements to the final project meeting story package. 

Completion of the news interview sidebar story will require students to find and conduct at least one personal interview with a subject matter expert, so plan ahead for this work! 

Students should write their meeting story packages as if they are reporters working for community newspapers who have covered a local government meeting and must produce a hard news story for the next day’s publication, using the Associated Press Stylebook rules for print news publications. This means you should write about the meetings as if they happened TODAY and will appear online and in print today and tomorrow, respectively

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