Posted: May 11th, 2021

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As a health care provider in this situation it can be difficult to have awareness of not only cultural practices generational ones as well. Establishing rapport is built on an understanding and openness of practices outside one’s own, and without this can cause a breakdown in communication deficit in adherence to the plan of care (Falvo, 2011). In Alma’s case the breakdown in communication and rapport building started when the caregiver announced called her name as if she were just another face in the crowd or task to accomplish rather than a person receiving care. The interpersonal relation was not established and Alma became more closed off to the attempts of care from the caregiver.

After the first or second calls the caregiver could have recognized Alma was most likely the patient sitting in the waiting room, and rather than making an assumption of her being deaf, she could have used it as an opportunity to introduce herself and ask the older woman’s name using open communication over yes/no questions. This not only would reset the tone of the encounter but could clear up any identity confusion if the older woman was in fact not Alma. This approach demonstrates a willingness to make more of a connection with our patients.

Within my organization we are trained to use the pneumonic AIDET with all patient encounters in order to set the tone for an open interaction and increase patient satisfaction through effective communication. It can be difficult to do this when you have multiple patients in the waiting room, especially if they are of the same age and gender, however as caregivers we need to be aware and adapt our approach to care and see patients as individuals. After the second call I would have introduced myself to Alma, asked her name and how I could help her and make her more comfortable for the procedure. This shows I care and am looking out for her best interest while including her in decision making, rather than continuing the power struggle between caregivers and patients.

Falvo, D.R. (2011), Effective patient education: A guide to increased adherence guide-to-increased-adherence_ebook_4e.php

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