Posted: May 5th, 2021

Current event analysis | MAR3803 | Miami-Dade College


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Current Event #2 – Coca Cola

Coca-Cola saying goodbye to half its drink brands

Coca-Cola is planning to kill off 200 drink brands, which account for about half of its portfolio, as it works to return to pre-coronavirus levels of growth.

In a bid to better weather the pandemic, the company plans to shift focus onto brands “that can be scaled to drive profits for the long term,” CEO James Quincey said during an earnings call Thursday.

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The streamlining is taking place during a rough stretch for Coca-Cola and almost all companies that cater to social events. Half of Coca-Cola’s sales come from stadiums, movie theaters and other places where people gather in large numbers — venues that have been closed in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19.

As it reshapes its portfolio, the company expects to offer “approximately 200 master brands” while phasing out some products.


Do A competitive Analysis of Coca Cola relative to materials we covered in class such as:

The internal environment

Review of current objectives, strategy, and performance

Availability of resources

Organizational culture and structure

The customer environment

Who are our current and potential customers?

What do customers do with our products?

When do customers select our products?

Why (and how) do customers select our products?

Why do potential customers not purchase our products?

The external environment


Economic growth and stability 

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