Posted: May 5th, 2021

Company description and mission statement

Discussion 1 

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For this discussion, you must first review the NAB COMPANY PORTFOLIO. 

 The portfolio contains the company parameters and details you must follow when developing your company (Note #1, page 4).   

All of the discussions, assignments, and attachments below will be used and focused on the Non-Alcoholic Beverage Company you create. 


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For this discussion, please respond to the following:

1. Create a Non-Alcoholic Beverage company name and explain the significance of the name. 

2. Describe the beverage you will produce (key ingredients and any flavors you will offer). 

3. Develop your company’s Mission Statement.


· Use headings for each section. 

· Use quotation marks for the mission statement. 

· You will use this information in Assignment 1 – Questions 1 and 2. (future)

To help get started see the example below. 

1. Company name

Choose a name that is unique, easy to remember, and it is representative for the non-alcoholic beverage you are focusing on or has a specific meaning. You will also explain the significance of the chosen name (what does it mean)

2. Product

Your product must be a non-alcoholic beverage (water, energy drink, soda, tea, smoothie, etc.) just make sure you are bringing something new to the market and something that fills a gap in the current product offerings. You will clarify what your product is, the key ingredients, and how many flavors you will offer.

3. Mission statement

The mission statement should be a cohesive statement, clarifying who you are, what you do (what needs are you fulfilling) and why you are in business (purpose). It should not exceed 3 sentences and must be in quotation marks. See the attached example- Mission statement for Trader Joe’s Grocery store. In Assignment 1 you will also explain the components of your mission.

Response to Discussion 1  

Provide a response to this person’s answers of the above discussion. It must be a minimum of 125 words of substantive content. No copying and pasting of work that was previously done for someone else. 


Tumi Unique Beverage Non-Alcoholic Beverage Company

I Have chosen Tumi Unique Beverage Co.  Because both my name Tumi (the first four letters of my name) is unique in its own right.  Even though there are many names, by sound, seems to be available, my name is the only one that I have come across that spelled T U M I K A (two mee-ka).  Moreover, the word UNIQUE’s definition supports my unique name because it is exclusive, exceptional and solitary.

Tumi Unique Beverage key ingredients and flavors being offered.

Our primary focus is to keep Tumi’s Unique beverages natural and flavorful; one of the main ingredients that will be used is an outer layer of a special fruit called the coffee fruit.  This coffee fruit has a red pulp that possesses free radical fighting antioxidants.   Antioxidants maintain the body’s natural protections again potentially damaging process such as oxidation.  Thereby, these antioxidants are like your body’s bodyguard.  Also, another ingredient that will be used to lower the sugar content is a sweetener that is made from the leaves from the Stevia Rebaudiana plant or a low- calorie sweetener known as a sugar alcohol.  The latter is still under discussion while awaiting the final analysis from research.

Some of the exceptional flavors we are looking to offer are, but not limited to Tumi’s Passion Fruit; Cocofusion; Watermelon Teaser; Mango Refresher; and Green Tea/Lemonade Quencher.  Most of these flavors I grew up drinking and look forward to introducing them to the public in a unique and flavorful flair while catering to a health conscience America.

Tumi Unique Beverage Mission Statement.

At Tumi Unique Beverage Co., our mission is to create the most unique naturally refreshing non-alcoholic beverage industry worldwide.  Our focus is to produce financial rewards to our stockholders while providing employee growth and enrichment opportunities, our business partners and the community in which we operate.

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