Posted: May 3rd, 2021

Problem of the match | Education homework help


Problem of the Match

Note: This assignment has multiple parts.

  1. Choose an area of curriculum content in your building–maybe in your own classroom. Briefly describe the objectives, the content, the grade level, what is being taught in that content and whether you see the problem of the match as described by your authors on page 127 (see attached). If you determine there is a problem of the match, how would you change the curriculum to be ensured that there is a match between the learners’ developmental stages and the explicit curriculum?
  2. As you continue to evaluate the curriculum content you have chosen:
    • Can you identify the two important criteria reflected in the curriculum: (1) individual differences and (2) continuity in learning?
    • Does the curriculum reflect social and cultural changes that have occurred in recent years at each stage of human development? If so, how? (pp. 130-131) – (see attached).

Understanding Students’ Hierarchy of Needs:

  1. Using the chart below (see attched), how do you or other teachers in your building work to meet all students’ needs in each level through the curriculum?

For each of the following levels in the hierarchy (see the chart attached below), list ways in which teachers, school staff, or other students can help to meet all students’ needs in each level.

The chart which is attached below is adapted from Education, Child Development and Family Service (

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