Posted: May 3rd, 2021

Health promotion program analysis | public health | Caldwell University

Use the two links above to complete this paper.

Health Promotion Program Analysis: Review the guidelines for mask-wearing published by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the NJ Department of Health. Target a specific segment/culture of the population to create a program regarding mask-wearing behavior. When considering a culture or subculture, be sure to remember this could include communities like an age group, an ethnic community, a group of athletics, or a specific group of professionals.

In short, create a targeted program or campaign to address mask-wearing upon the culture/sub-culture you selected. Write a 5-page minimum paper analyzing the program by answering the following questions:

· Why was this a relevant health behavior issue? What studies support its relevance? (1 page minimum) 

· What structures would be implemented to educate and drive behavior changes in this area? (2 page minimum)

· In which setting (i.e., community, in-office, education sites) would you implement the health promotion/prevention program? What is the rationale for the selection of the setting when considering the population selected? (½ page minimum)

· What theory drove the program or study created? Why was this selected over the other theories? (1 page minimum)

· What would be your ideal ending to this program in terms of outcomes? (½ page minimum)

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