Posted: May 3rd, 2021

Creating a business plan | Operations Management homework help

Please us the information provided and attachment to Create a Business Plan: 


Executive Summary


TLC Builders will provide affordable custom interior designed homes on 1 acre of land, prices ranging from $150K-$175K.


The target audience TLC Builders are those families who desires a nice size home with a 1 acre lot and mortgage payments to be between $980 -$1200. 

Future of the Company

To build at least five houses per month, this will create salaries for owners while growing capital and borrowing power.

Company Description

Mission Statement

To provide our clients with the highest level of construction and customer service. Offering affordable homes, with large lots, while providing an excellent experience from the day, you dream it until the day you receive your keys.  

Your home is a reflection of the individual that owns it, and ultimately the builder who helped cultivate that dream and made it possible. It is one of the most important purchases you will make in your lifetime; it is very important to you, and therefore, it is very important to us.

Principal Members

Charles Ingram — owner, CEO

Demonstray Head — owner, Project Manager

Latrice — owner, Interior/Exterior Custom Design

Legal Structure

TLC Builders is Limited Liability Company, incorporated in Jackson, Georgia.

Company Advantages 

Because TLC Builders offer affordable homes to families who may have otherwise not been able to obtain funding due to the rising, housing prices and limited inventory families will now have a sense of ownership. Having lower mortgage payments may improve health by providing stability, freeing up resources for food and health care and increasing access to amenities in quality neighborhoods riding themselves of higher rent payment. 


TLC Builders

TLC Builders will adhere to comprehensive building codes and standards governed by local and state laws. 

Service Line


Services include

· Pre-construction Design and Estimating

· Design/Build

· Construction Management

· Construction Services

· Building Sustainability

· Upgrades

Intellectual Property Rights

TLC Builders will be a trademarked name in the state of Georgia, and will file for protection of our proprietary processes and other intellectual property, such as our logo. We have also registered our domain name and parked relevant social media accounts for future use and to prevent the likelihood of someone impersonating our company.

Marketing & Sales

Growth Strategy

To grow the company, TLC Builders will do the following:

· Network build relationships with realtors

· Show profitability to obtain funding to expand

· Establish a company website that contains engaging multimedia content about our services

· As the business grows, advertise in publications that reach our target industries

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