Posted: April 27th, 2021

You are assigned to a 68-year-old male who had a right total hip


You are assigned to a 68-year-old male who had a Right Total Hip Replacement yesterday. His incision was evaluated by the surgeon this morning. The incision is well approximated and without signs of infection. The surgeon placed a fresh dressing on the incision after his evaluation. The patient has been up to a chair 3 times and just walked to the bathroom with a physical therapist using a cane and gait belt. The patient rates his pain 6/10 with movement and is taking Percocet orally for pain. He states, “I don’t like taking the Percocet, it makes me sleepy. Is there anything else that can help?” He has tried using Tylenol instead of Percocet and states, ‘the Tylenol helps me and does not make me sleepy.” The patient is eating a general diet and vital signs are 110/74, 88, 14, and temperature 98.6 F. This is his first surgery and has no other medical problems. He lives at home with his wife. He is scheduled to go home tomorrow and needs education on wound care, pain management, infection prevention, safety in the home, and mobility

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