Posted: April 27th, 2021

The legal environment of business | The Legal Environment Of Business

1) watch one of the following six (6) options:

  1. “The Men Who Built America” – (Season 1, Episode 7 “Taking the White House” on Amazon.  On regular television, it was originally Ep. 3 where Congress begins to regulate the titans of industry; free with Amazon prime, $1-2 to rent an individual episode)
  2. “Dark Waters” – (the 2019 version starring Mark Ruffalo – available for a fee on Amazon ($14.99) or Redbox (DVD $1.80 and on-demand $14.99); possibly on Showtime).
  3. “The Post” (2018/19 version with Meryl Streep; on Amazon for $3.99 rental; Redbox rent on demand $2.99; also on cable tv occasionally)
  4. Any episode of “Dirty Money” on Netflix.
  5. Any episode of “The Profit” on MSNBC (regular tv)
  6. Any other program of your own choosing that involves a conflict of business and legal issues.

2) Write a 1-2 page report about what you watched in the EXACTLY following format: a) Para 1 – identify the program and generally describe the storyline (10 pts)b) Para 2 – describe the business decisions made in the story (10 pts.)c) Para 3 – describe the impact of the law on those business decisions (or lack of impact) (10 pts)d) Para 4 – describe your own thoughts on those business decisions and how they positively or negatively impacted those described in the story (10 pts)e) Be sure to proofread your sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar (10 pts) 3) Upload on BB Assignments BEFORE Noon on Wed 4/28/21.

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