Posted: April 27th, 2021

Meaning of life | Philosophy homework help

Write an essay that is 1200-1500 words. instructions below:

Paper Topic:

With reference to one or more of the authors covered in Units 3 or 4 (from Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilych to Cahn’s “Meaningless Lives”), critically discuss the following question: Does death negate life’s meaning?

Notes: To satisfy the aims of this assignment, you will first need to explain how you understand the meaning of life. For example, if you adopt Wolf’s or Frankl’s conception of meaning in life, then you need to present her/his conception and then discuss whether death makes our lives meaningless. Furthermore, to critically discuss this question, you will need to entertain at least one objection to your initial answer and then to respond to that objection.

Critical Thinking (Out of 150 points)


You entertain at least one objection to your answer; you respond to this objection (or objections); you present your considered view in light of the objection(s) and response(s). Your objection(s) is/are strong and described in detail.

Organization (Out of 50 points)


The paragraphs of the essay build upon one another: there is a logical progression in your argument. Furthermore, each paragraph is on a focused topic. It is clear from the first sentence of each paragraph what the topic of the paragraph is.

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