Posted: April 27th, 2021

Interesting life of a firefighter | English

Context | In this assignment, you will be asked to create your own piece of literature and support that piece of writing with a reflection on your creative process. 

Short Fiction/Drama 

Word Count: 400-500 

+ 200-250 Word Reflection 

Specifically, I would like you to explore your creative interests by composing a piece of short fiction, drama (dialogue/monologues). The theme suggested is “the stuff of life” – works inspired by the positive things we nourish in our everyday lives. I would also like you to include a short reflection on your creative process. What made you decide on fiction/drama/poetry? What kinds of themes or symbols did you seek to explore? How satisfied are you with your work? What literary influences (from our class or elsewhere) do you see in your own work? 

Expectations |As the third paper for the course, I expect your writing to:

  1. Continue toward satisfying course competencies 1-3.
  2. Effectively address the given writing task.
  3. Be between 350 – 700 words long. 
  4. Include your name, my name, the course number and meeting dates, a word count at the top of your first page, and an interesting or clever title.
  5. Be double spaced and written in a 12-pt (max) font size.

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