Posted: April 27th, 2021

Exercise: the rehnquist revolution | Business & Finance homework help


The following learning goals apply to this exercise:

  • Memorize the structure of the judicial system
  • State the characteristics of the Supreme Court
  • Describe the Supreme Court’s process for hearing cases and reaching decisions
  • Discuss Marbury vs Madison and the concept of judicial review

Please watch the five videos titled, The Rehnquist Revolution. You’ll find them in the module for this session. Then answer these questions.

Your answers should be grounded in the videos and should explicitly reference information provided within them. Whenever you reference a specific point from the video, please include the video number and the time at which that point is made (for example: Part 4, 2:47)

  1. According to the videos, what is the legacy of the Rehnquist Court? In your answer, please discuss the court case that best demonstrates that legacy. Hint: “The Rehnquist Court” refers to the era during which William Rehnquist was Chief Justice. So don’t use Roe v. Wade. Your answer to this question should be about 250 words.
  2. Pick one case from the videos that you wish the Rehnquist Court had decided differently. Do you think the Court made the wrong decision? Why or why not? In your answer, focus on the case itself and how it was decided. Please choose a case different from the one you discussed in your answer to Question 1. Your answer to this question should be about 250 words.

After posting your answers, please find one classmate with whom you agree or disagree in whole or in part on Question 2. Address his or her argument about the court case. Explain why you agree or disagree and/or what you believe the argument is missing. If you do agree with the classmate, be sure that you still “add something” to the discussion, as opposed to simply restating his or her argument. Avoid simply restating the arguments you made in your post, too. The best conversations will focus on the reasoning behind the verdict (as opposed to your personal beliefs about the rightness or wrongness of abortion, gun regulation, etc.).

If anyone addresses your thread, please respond. You don’t have to offer a lengthy response, but at least acknowledge that your argument was addressed. Discussing your classmate’s commentary can only help your grade.

Note: You must post your essay before viewing replies. Essays that are posted after the poster viewed replies will be marked down one letter grade.

Before beginning, I recommend you read this example of an A-level discussion post.

(If you are unable to read PDFs, download Adobe Acrobat Reader (Links to an external site.) for free.)

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