Posted: April 27th, 2021

Cross-cultural management project | Operations Management homework help

Read the instruction I uploaded carefully before you write!!

The country we chose for this project is SINGAPORE!!!!! This is a team project but I only need to in charge of a part of it, which is the BUSINESS ETIQUETTE part. I need 3 things in total, which is a 1.5-2 pages research paper, a 1 page presentation script, and a 2-3 slides Powerpoint. They are all the same content but different expression form.


Identify and explain business-related etiquette, norms and behaviors, as they may relate to local customs, traditions, and business practices. Provide information that would be helpful for someone conducting business in this country, such as traditions regarding business cards, interpersonal interactive behaviors, gift-giving, negotiation styles, etc. 

Important: The presentation script should be correspond with the Powerpoint. Because I need 2-3 slides, so there should be 2-3 paragraphs in the script, each slide correspond with 1 paragraph. And these 2-3 paragraphs should be 1 page in length in total. ( the presentation script should be word to word for me to read while presenting, so I don’t have to think of anything else but just read.)

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