Posted: April 18th, 2021

Gender and islam | Sociology homework help



For this assignment, I’d like you to discuss things that you’ve heard  about Islam/Muslims so that I can address them. Do you have any  questions? Concerns? Things your friends say that you’d like to be able  to respond to, but don’t have enough information? Please be sure to  integrate what you have learned through the assigned readings this week  into creating thoughtful questions for me and the other students. In  this vein, your questions should stimulate interest and facilitate  discussion. 

Initial  response requirements should be the equivalent of a one-page, double  spaced paper. For this discussion, no citations are necessary. However,  you should  proofread your response. I will not be grading you based  on your opinion, so you should feel free to express yourself, as long as  that expression does not involve any hate speech or  racist/sexist/derogatory comments. The more open you are, the better I  can address your questions in a subsequent lecture/web conference.

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