Posted: April 17th, 2021

Volkswagon paper for business class

Introduction and conclusion and editing.


Target Due Date: Monday, Feb 1

  1. What type of United States laws did VW violate?
  2. What ethical stance did VW and its CEO take in justifying their deception?
  3. In examining the potential flaws in the corporate governance structure of VW, what is the importance of installing effective corporate governance?
  4. What initiatives should be taken to enhance corporate governance and ethical performance?
  5. Discuss the difference between German and American corporate governance structures? How does the VW group’s corporate governance and ethical performance compare?
  6. What were the causes of corporate misbehavior on such a large scale? What could be done to prevent a similar crisis in the future?
  7. What should corporate social responsibility (CSR) truly mean? How can the VW group integrate CSR throughout the company?
  8. How do the following constructs play into the transformation of the VW group in the future?
    1. Accountability
    2. Transparency
    3. Ethical Behavior
    4. Respect for Stakeholder Interests
    5. Respect for Rule of Law
    6. Respect for International Norms of Behavior
    7. Respect of Human Rights
  9. Write a paper including an introduction, content, conclusion, and reference page. There is no page limit and you must have at least 10 references.
  10. The paper must be an APA formatted Word document and emailed to me all according to the syllabus.

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