Posted: April 17th, 2021

Developing and using gantt charts help

Common Assignment: This is a common assignment for all MNA2345 Management & Supervision students.  This assignment must be successfully completed with a score of 70% (81 pts out of 115 points) to pass the course. If this assignment is not completed, or if the assignment score is less than 70%, you will not pass the class.

Learning Outcome: Demonstrate knowledge of management and leadership concepts.

Background Information

In industry, managers and supervisors often demonstrate knowledge of management and leadership concepts through effective project management.  In this course, your course project involves developing an onboarding process for the new Gainesville, FL office of ABC Company. When thinking about the onboarding process for your new staff, you realize there are many tasks and subtasks that will be involved to ensure the onboarding process goes smoothly.  To help you schedule and manage the onboarding process, you will develop a Gantt Chart.

Assignment Instructions

For this discussion,

Assignment Instructions, Continued

  • The detailed schedule (Gantt Chart) of the onboarding process should include, at a minimum, the following (see rubric):
    • The name of the project
    • Brief description of the project
    • Project start date
    • At least 14 total tasks and subtasks (7 tasks/steps with 2-5 subtasks)
      • Start date for each subtask
      • End date for each subtask
      • Duration for each subtask (how long each subtask will take)
    • Individual(s) responsible for each task. (you can use titles such as Social Media Manager, Human Resource Staff, etc. in place of actual names)
    • Project end date
  • After your schedule/Gantt Chart is complete, create and submit an image (or snipit) (Links to an external site.) of your Gantt Chart to the discussion board. If you are unsure how to upload an image to the discussion board, see: How to Upload Image to Canvas Discussion Board (Links to an external site.)
  • When submitting your Gantt Chart, also identify 3 specific ways the Gantt Chart tool was helpful in planning and managing the onboarding process.

After your submission, reply to at least 2 of your classmates.  In your replies to your classmates, indicate, specifically:

  • 1 element of your classmate’s Gantt Chart that is different from how you have planned for your onboarding process, and
  • 1 element of your classmate’s Gantt Chart that is the same as how you have planned for your onboarding process.

Summary of Deliverables

Initial Post (Due Friday at 8 pm)

  • Image/Snipit of Gantt Chart
  • 3 Specific Ways the Gantt Chart Helped Plan the Onboarding Process
  • References

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