Posted: April 17th, 2021

Designing online quiz | Computer Science homework help


  • Design an online quiz with questions from a domain of your choice.  The questions should be chosen from a coherent domain, not just randomly chosen.  Use creativity when choosing the domain.
  • Quiz questions should be multiple choice, chosen with radio buttons.
  • Your quiz should include at least five questions.
  • Provide hints for the questions if the quiz taker requests them. Display and hide the hints using the JavaScript style display property.
  • Obtain the correct answers from a JSON string. Optional: answer obtain the quiz questions and hints from a JSON string.
  • Use images something like this to indicate whether a question is incorrect or correct:
    Red and Green Checkmarks
  • Decide if the correct answers are shown after each question is answered, or if they are shown all at once after all the answers are entered and the quiz is submitted. Show a total score for the quiz after all answers are submitted.
  • Source Code Comments in all source code files (HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Source code headers with project number, and date; Indentation

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