Posted: April 17th, 2021

2 assignment due in 48 hours



ASSIGNMENT 1 – Week 6 Forum

Your initial post is at least 400 words written grammatically correct; and • Include citations to support your points from the main text (APA format) and at least one (1) outside source (APA format), making sure to document your citations in a reference section at the end of the entry

Using your Case Study Summary PowerPoint Presentation Topic, discuss concepts from chapters 1-10.  Where do you see the concepts being applicable?  Where did organizations and communicators succeed or fail?  What opportunities exist moving forward from the crisis event for the organization or crisis communicator to use the concepts we have discussed for renewal or help in planning for the next crisis event?

ASSIGNMENT 2 – Case Study Summary PowerPoint Presentation

Individual PowerPoint Case Study Summary Each student will identify a crisis situation involving leadership in organizations. The purpose is to learn about their crisis, who their stakeholders are, and how they lead and communicate about their issue. This crisis can be in any field (Health, Politics, Corporate, Sports, etc…). Each student will create a multimedia presentation (ie. Narrated PowerPoint) that lasts 10-15 minutes. 

Presentations should include:

• Introduce the organization/actors (LEADERS) 

• Provide important background information 

• Provide important facts about the crisis situation 

• Discuss the important lessons applied from your chapters (How did leadership respond?) 

• Outside research cited in the presentation (at least three sources other than the text) 

• Strong content information 

• Strong organizational skills 

• Strong writing and presentation skills

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