Posted: April 14th, 2021

Tourism week4 | Literature homework help

Chapter 9




You have been promoted to director of training of the Cruise Lines International Association. Reviewing the listed travel motivations in question 16, which would you select for a group of travel marketing sales seminars that will be sponsored by CLIA? (Attending would be travel agents and tour company reps.)



Referring to the preceding problem, after selecting the motivations, what kinds of instructional materials and teaching methods would you employ? Why?

Chapter 10




An attractive lakeside community of 5,000 persons is presently a popular tourist center, primarily because of its appeal to sports enthusiasts and its proximity to a magnificent state park. However, tourist expenditures are low, principally because of the lack of entertainment in the community. The movie theater closed three years ago, and there is virtually no entertainment except that to be found in a couple of beer taverns. The town and surrounding countryside are rich in history, but the only museum is a small one in the front part of a bar. How could a museum and other entertainment be provided?




As the director of an area tourism organization, you have been approached by a fine arts group to consider the feasibility of promoting a Shakespearean festival in your community similar to the long-established festival at Stratford, Ontario, Canada. What factors would you consider in evaluating this request, and how would you work with your state and national tourism organizations to determine how this cultural event could be publicized?

Chapter 11

case ploblem


A U.S. group tour conductor wishes to maximize the mutual social benefits of a trip to an underdeveloped country. Describe possible kinds of social contacts that would be beneficial to the hosts and to the members of the tour group


A popular beach resort hotel is located in a tropical country that, unfortunately, has a high crime rate. One section of the city nearby has some South Seas—atmosphere gambling casinos. Many guests would like to visit them. How might the hotel’s staff control this situation?

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