Posted: April 14th, 2021

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Requirements: Unscramble (un-jumble) the following statement, submit it in proper format, and answer the associated questions. Please submit as a word document and upload your completed income Statement Jumble to the Sakai assignment folder.

Part 1: Unscramble (un-jumble) the income statement below:

Income Statement

the statement will be attached 

Part 2: Answer the following questions

1.    What is the time period covered by the statement?
2.    What is the source of revenue?
3.    What it total revenue?
4.    What are the total expenses?
5.    What is the resulting net income or loss?
6.    Why is there an income or loss?
7.   To whom does the income or loss belong to?

Please refer to the Jumble Assignments Rubric in the Syllabus for grading criteria for this assignment.

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