Posted: April 14th, 2021

Security architecture and design – independent challenge 1


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Independent Challenge 1


Help   Lawrence Media solve a problem. Complete the following steps.

Reserved: You Try It


1. Save this file with a   new name

Click the File tab, click Save As, add your name to the   end of the filename, then click Save. 

For example, save this file as PS1-IC1 Sharon   Rodriguez.docx.


2. Get   ready 

During a recent meeting with Ken Lawrence, the founder of   Lawrence Media, and his project managers, he said Lawrence Media had a major   problem retaining good salespeople.

Review the statements and facts in Figure 1-16, duplicated   below:

Based on this information, you   should be able to answer the next two questions.




Next, list the steps to solve the problem. 


Steps to solve the   problem:

  • Identify        the problem – 
  • List        your/consider possible solutions – 

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