Posted: April 14th, 2021

Mha5020 week 1 project/setting the stage for a purpose


Setting the Stage for a Purpose


Hospital goals provide hospital administration a target to strive and attain. The goals of healthcare organizations may include delivering high quality patient care, creating excellent workplace for the employees, supporting physicians, providing community values, and ensuring fiscal responsibility. Health care organizations become successful when they create value for their patients, physicians, and other stakeholders that rely on their service. Heath care organizations have numerous opportunities to create value for patients. The organizational goals are effective means of illustration on how and where value can be created. Along with the vision and mission statements, goals of a healthcare organization help develop objectives which are quantitative in nature as well as based on attainable goals.

The gathering of information is used to develop a vision, mission, and values to set strategy of the organization that fosters strategic thinking throughout the organization. The vision, mission, values, and strategic goals are appropriately called directional strategies because they guide healthcare executives at the time of making key organizational decisions. This is critical in the overall purpose of strategy deployment. Strategic thinking provides the organization a focused direction as well as aligning the strategy throughout the organization. Establishing a solid foundation vision, mission, and value requires reflection of key questions.

Vision: Where are we going? Mission: Why do we exist? Or What do we do? Values: How will we behave while performing the Mission in achieving the Vision? The vision statement sets the cultural direction in the organization. The vision must be relevant to the present and to the future of the organization. The mission reflects the purpose of the organization, and the mission statement notes the action of the organization. It may be to create healthy communities or deliver high quality health care. Values are the guiding principles of organizational action, and they may relate to terms based on rules of conduct such as compassion, trustworthiness, or respect.

Additional Material

From your course textbook, The Well-Managed Healthcare Organization, read the following chapter:

  • Foundations of High-Performing Healthcare Organizations

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