Managers encounter workplace situations that challenge their ethical  decision-making and social responsibilities. Managers’ unethical  behaviors or decisions have made news headlines, as they are obligated  to make ethical decisions on behalf of their organizations.

Discuss one of the following unethical decisions made by a manager in  an organization you have worked for or one you have researched:

  • Participating in bribery.
  • Misusing company funds.
  • Cutting corners on quality control.
  • Covering up incidents.
  • Falsifying records.
  • Withholding important information.

Please remember to cite your source if you are using a company you  have researched. If you are using a company that you have worked for,  please use the person’s title and not their name and avoid including any  other identifying details.

Address the following:

  • What were the consequences of the unethical decision?
  • From an ethical decision-making standpoint, what could the manager have done differently?

Respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.

Provide examples or share your experiences as well.