Posted: April 14th, 2021

Cjhs 400 week 3 cognitive theory table

CJHS400 Week 3 Cognitive Theory Table (***** Table Filled + Original Work + References *****)


Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Cognitive Theory Table.


Cognitive Theory Table


Complete the following table by identifying three major cognitive theorists and theories. Name each theorist and the theorist’s associated theory. Then provide a description of the theory, including associated approaches and techniques. Include a peer-reviewed reference that supports the theory.


Major cognitive theorist

(Theorist name)

Theory associated with the theorist
(Theory title)

Description of the theory, including associated approaches and techniques


Peer-reviewed reference

(APA style)














Cognitive Theory Table CJHS/400 Version 1



CJHS 400 Week 3 Team Assignment Cognitive Theory Table

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