Posted: April 14th, 2021

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EDPT 528 Case Study Project

EDPT 528 Student: Brandon J. Crew

Semester and Year: Fall 2020

Directions: The candidates enrolled in EDPT 528 will adhere to the specific directions provided for Parts I, II, III, and IV of the EDPT 528 Case Study Project.   You must complete each component of the project with applicable information that pertains to the target student and the intervention process. 


Part I: Qualitative Data

Demographic Data for Target Student

(CEC 1.1,1.2)

Target Student’s First and Last Initial: D. L

Chronological Age: 10


Gender: Male

Grade Level: 5

Target Behavior: Aggression

Anecdotal Notes: (An explicit detailed account of the target student’s academic or social skills deficits and behaviors that you have observed)

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Part II. Factors that Contribute to the Target Student’s Academic Skill Deficiencies  

(CEC Standards 1, 2, 5)

Discuss the factors that can be attributed to the target student’s limited or lack of progress in the content area.  (CEC 1.2)

Conduct an analysis of one or two samples of the student’s work to articulate patterns of errors. Discuss specific errors that the student is making and speculate about why these errors are being made.  (CEC 5.1)

Observe stage setting behavior(s) that the student exhibits prior to the beginning of the lesson or prior to the independent practice assignment(s). Discuss the student’s actions at the beginning, during, and the end of the lesson. Explain the student’s reactions to in class assignments. For example, does he/she complain about the level of difficulty of the work or make inappropriate comments about the work.  (CEC 1.2, 2.1)

Describe the student’s social behavior(s) and his interactions with peers that may positively or negatively influence comprehension and mastery of skills associated with the specific content area. Discuss the student’s interactions with the classroom teacher. (CEC 2.1)

Part III. Assessment Data (Academic or Social Skills Deficit)    

(CEC 4)

Provide a graphic illustration of the target student’s performance for the 4-5 week period of time allocated to observation (use Microsoft word to create a bar graph to show the target student’s performance on weekly quizzes or other progress monitoring assessments during the observation time period).  

Provide evidence (assessment data) to support your assumption of the target student’s skill deficits. For example, discuss the student’s performance across the 4-5 week period, discuss work samples to illustrate patterns errors, discuss student’s ability or inability to demonstrate comprehension, mastery of skills, or ability to provide accurate responses to questions.  

Provide an ABC (Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence) chart to record the description of the  target social behavior and an (Event Recording Chart) to document the number of times the behavior occurs across time periods.

Part IV. Intervention Process    

(CEC 5)

Describe instructional strategies, methods, technologies, accommodations, modifications, behavior management techniques, and other resources that you have implemented to ameliorate the target student’s skill deficit(s). Provide a detailed description of what you (target student’s teacher) have already done to help the target student to improve the skill or skills which he or she is experiencing deficiencies. Explain the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the approaches that you have already implemented with the target student.  

Part V. Implementation of the Intervention  

(CEC 5)

Provide a detailed description of the specific intervention that will be implemented to enhance the target student’s performance of the academic skill. Describe each step that will be used in the implementation process. Discuss the research-based instructional strategies, technologies, literacy resources, and materials that will be employed to enhance the target student’s performance in the deficit area.  

Part VI. Outcome(s) of the Intervention    

(CEC 5)

Explain the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the intervention (was the intervention beneficial to the student). Discuss reasons that explain why the intervention was or was not effective. Provide assessment data to support the effectiveness of the intervention.

Part VII. Reflection        

(CEC 6)

Explain how you will use what you have learned from this experience to plan future instruction for students with disabilities who may be included in your inclusive class. Discuss how this project benefited your planning and instruction for students with academic and/or social skills deficits.  

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