Posted: April 11th, 2021

Understanding stan from feminist and postmodern perspectives | psychology


Required Textbook Readings:

  • Chapter 12 – Feminist Therapy
  • Chapter 13 – Post-Modern Approaches

Required Multimedia:

  • Watch: Chapter 13 Video Activity-Narrative Therapy In MindTap on Cengage site. Under Chapter 13: How do I practice what I’ve learned
  • Watch: Chapter 13 Video Activity-Solution Focused Brief Therapy In MindTap on Cengage site. Under Chapter 13: How do I practice what I’ve learned

Optional Learning Resources:


Watch The Case of Stan video clips on your DVD for Feminist, SFBT, and Narrative therapies.

Then, answer the following questions thoughtfully:

  • Analyze what you know of Stan according to Feminist, SFBT, and Narrative therapies. Through each lens, highlight the things you know about Stan that would be important to focus on in treatment with him. Use at least two references per therapeutic style (6 total) in this section.
  • For each style of therapy, name at least two things (skills, topics you would explore with him, etc.) you would use with Stan if you were his therapist. Refer to the skills and principles discussed in the text and used in the video clips.
  • Lastly, to what degree do you believe that each of these therapies coincides with your faith perspective? Explain using at least one reference per each therapeutic style (3 total).

This assignment should be 3 full pages minimum-4 full pages maximum in length (excluding cover page and reference page), size 12 Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins.

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