Posted: April 11th, 2021

Qualitative article review | Social Science homework help

Qualitative Article Review Instructions

Choose 1 qualitative article related to your Literature Review or Alternative Assignment and compose a 2-page review of it. Your review must include 2 sections: (1) a summary of the article, and (2) a critical analysis of the article.


Your summary must include:

                     The purpose of the study

                     Description of participants/sample

                     The research design/data analysis: narrative, grounded theory, case study, phenomenology, ethnography, etc.

                     Method of data collection: questionnaire, document analysis, observation, interview (open-ended, structured), etc.



Your analysis must include:

                     Opportunities for further research not already stated in the article

                     Threats to validity or undocumented bias on the part of the researcher(s)

                     Other original insight or criticism

                     Implications of the findings



Article to be used :

Chong, E., & Wolf, H. (2010). Factors influencing followers Perception of organisational leaders. Leadership and organization Development, 31(5), 402-419. Retrieved from



Ibrahim, H., & Cordes, K. (1996). Leader or manager? Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 67(1), 41. Retrieved from



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