Posted: April 11th, 2021

Business implementation plan – amazon part 1

ASSIGNMENT DUE DATE TUESDAY 2/13/18 @ 5:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time – USA)

Overview: For this assignment, you will create a business implementation plan for the product, service, or idea you have been developing throughout business implementation plan for the company Amazon (see attached).

In this assignment (Part 1 of 6), you will submit the justification for your idea or concept. You will connect entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship with organization change and survival. This paper lays the foundation for the rest of the project by outlining the justification of an idea or concept. Ultimately, the justification in this milestone will provide much of the reasoning that decision makers will use to determine if they will fund your idea or concept. 

Critical Elements:

· Rationale: Lay out the rationale for the idea or concept.

· Problem or Opportunity: Identify the problem or opportunity that the idea or concept addresses.

· Market: Analyze the market for the product or service.

· Competition: Analyze the key features that set the product or service apart from the competition.

· Company: Explain how the concept fits with the mission, vision, and priorities of the company implementing the product or service.

· Innovation: Discuss how or why the product or service is innovative.

Paper Requirements: Your draft must contain all of the elements listed above. It should be 6 to 8 pages in length (excluding the title page and references) using 12-point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins. You may include summary pictures, charts, graphs, or other explanatory diagrams as needed to successfully explain the concept and implementation, but should use appendices for detailed supporting documentation. Your paper should follow APA guidelines. You must include at least 5 scholarly sources. Cite your sources within the text of your paper and on the reference page. (SEE Grading Rubric)

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