Posted: April 10th, 2021

Ziggurat | Education homework help

assignment 2

For this assignment, you will complete the Global Intervention Plan and a Ziggurat Worksheet (ZW) for 2 areas (structure & visual/tactile supports and task demands). 

Because you will not have yet completed all sections of the UCC, please use only the information that you provided in Assignment 1

  • Note that in the final project, you will complete the ZW for all areas based on a complete UCC. This assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to work with these two forms as you prepare your final project.

Once you have completed the assigned sections of the Global Intervention Plan and Ziggurat Worksheet, you must identify one structure & visual/tactile support

 Issi, UCC cl, ucc el, ucc hf complete these sections 

The  ziggurat worksheet and global intervention are the ones that need to be completed the rest are resources 

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