8-10 slide Powerpoint The example company is Tesla.


As the organization’s top leader, you are responsible for communicating the organization’s strategies in a way that makes the employees understand the role that they play in helping to achieve the organization’s strategies. Design a presentation that explains the following: 

The company is Tesla 

1. Your Organization’s Mission and Vision

2. Your organization’s overall strategies and how they align with the Mission and Vision

3. At least five of your organization’ strategic SMART goals that align with the overall organizational strategy

4. At least three different departments’ specific roles in helping to achieve those strategic SMART goals

5. This can be a PowerPoint presentation with a voice-over or it can be a video presentation. 

Length: 8 – 10 slides, not including title and reference slide.

Notes Length: 200-250 words for each slide.

References:  Include a minimum of five scholarly resources. 

I will do the voice over. I do not need a separate document of speaker notes as long as the PowerPoint has the requested 200-250 words for each slide