Read powerpoint slides four and five, now at this discussion board answer the question that is posed for chapter eight from the slides. No minimum word count just be sure to support your viewpoint.

Response A: “The Choice” due Sunday, March 22 at 11;59 p.m. and is worth 2 points

(1) State whether there was anyone not qualified?

(2) Based upon the qualified list, whom do you hire and why?

(3) How does your decision impact the company as it relates to diversity and inclusion?

(4) What message does your decision send to the community as it relates to diversity and inclusion?

Reply to two peers regarding response A this is worth 2 points by Tuesday, March 24 at 11:59 p.m.:

Indicate whether their choice differs from your own and why there could be a difference.

Please be culturally sensitive in both your post and response as we all come from different viewpoints and perspectives as it relates to diversity and inclusion.