Posted: April 10th, 2021

Final | Management homework help

Final Test instructions: 

Take your Final test based on the instructions shown below:


See Questions/Answers provided by the instructor (see attachment). A set of questions/answers are posted for self-preparation. The student will select any two Q/As from the pool, study them deeply, select an answer and explain deeply (no less than 100 words) your rationale supporting your selection. Deep explanations from the students are expected. You may want to make sure what an explanation means.

Exercise 2: 

Answer the questions below:

  1. Why is it appropriate to argue that good strategy-making combined with good strategy execution are valid signs of good management? Describe an example. 
  2. Explain how the marketing emphasis of a low-cost provider differs from the marketing emphasis of a best-cost provider. Describe an example.
  3. Based on the attached file “Strategic Group Map Question 4” respond:

a. Identify and briefly describe a local company’s strategic options in competing against global challenges. Explain in your own words and describe an example.

b. What is your assessment of the Good Hotel’s performance relative to its peers in the San Francisco market? What does a strategic group map for the industry disclose its competitive position?

  1. Based on the attached file “Final Exam Question 5” respond:

What are the advantages and benefits of using an industry attractive-business strength matrix to evaluate a diversified company’s lineup of businesses? Develop a weighted competitive strength assessment of the four major competitors in the U.S. family clothing stores industry using the methodology presented in Chapter 4. Based on the results, who is in the strongest overall competitive position? Who is in the weakest position? 

Instructions for submission:

Submit the responses for the exercises 1 and 2 through the Turnitin link. It must be 100% original.

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